About Us

China-Gel is a topical pain reliever, developed with an ancient pain relieving herbs for natural and effective relief. China-Gel uses both menthol and camphor, providing an ideal cool-to-warm sensation to help relax sore muscles and joints.
Since 1995
Our History -+

Our Beginnings & Signature Product

The first China-Gel product was formulated over a quarter century ago by a renowned Chiropractic Physician. China-Gel is a topical pain reliever designed to stimulate the body’s natural functions; thereby reducing pain and inflammation, lessening discomfort and enhancing healing. The deep-penetrating effect offers long lasting cool-to-warm soothing relief. It is pleasing to use and feels and resembles a fine hand cream. The name China-Gel was chosen because of its association with Traditional Chinese Medicine and the use of the Yin Yang symbol, which denotes the balance of life, was selected. Knowing that pain, discomfort and inflammation disrupt the normal balance of tissue, the Yin Yang principle reflects the ultimate result with the use of China-Gel, as tissues are brought to their normal state, and the natural energy of the body is allowed to once more function in a normal, balanced manner.

Additional Products

Through plenty of feedback from our chiropractors, athletes, and people like you, we have added two additional products to our China-Gel family. Aulief - is our thoughtful blend of seven certified organic herbal extracts which naturally provides powerful relief. With Aulief, you will experience a gentle and warm feeling of relief. Therapy Creme is an herbal-enhanced emollient developed for healthcare professionals to use with instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) as well as manual therapy. Seven herbal ingredients plus arnica, generate a comfortable, cooling sensation with a subtle herbal scent. The creme provides excellent glide with a non-greasy finish - making treatment more efficient and allowing practitioners the ability to apply kinesiology tape without wiping or cleaning.

Where in the World is China-Gel

Today China-Gel products can be found on the shelves in major hospitals, in the locker rooms of professional sports teams, in the backpacks of Olympic athletes, at major chiropractic universities and offices, world-famous yoga studios, local spa and wellness centers as well as the medicine cabinets of baby boomers and the gym bags of “soccer” moms and dads.